Plug-and-play system
With CLARIPROD, you are just 15 minutes away from monitoring all your manufacturing equipment in real-time.

Installation in
15 min

Machine + CLARIPROD Controller

Connect the CLARIPROD Controller to
any electrical signal you want to
measure with a simple, one-wire

Cloud + CLARIPROD Portal

Configure the CLARIPROD Portal: the cloud-based application allows you to access all your data and load information you want to track, such as products and work orders.

Device dashboards

View your real-time data on any
Internet-enabled device, including
smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The CLARIPROD Controller delivers real-time data directly to the cloud-based CLARIPROD Portal, giving you the information you need to improve the return on your equipment from Day 1.
Smart manufacturing, built for the realities of manufacturers
CLARIPROD was designed to address the challenges faced by small- and medium-size businesses.

The CLARIPROD Controller doesn’t care what type of equipment you have, how old or new it is, what brand it is, or what PLC you have (or don’t have).

Easy to use

Set-up is simple and takes just minutes; the touchscreen on the CLARIPROD Controller allows an immediate, on-the-ground point of access to the system to view and enter data at every machine.

Real-time data & alerts

No waiting around for reports; find out what’s happening in your facility as it happens.

Scalability of investment

Each machine is equipped with its own CLARIPROD Controller, giving you the flexibility to bring new machines online as your business grows.


Monthly fee per machine, with no upfront licensing fee, no additional hardware or software to install on any of your machines, and unlimited users per subscription.

Secure cloud-based solution

The CLARIPROD Portal keeps your data safe while offering you the ability to access analytics and raw data from anywhere, anytime.

Easy to use

The touchscreen on the CLARIPROD Controller allows an immediate, on-the-ground point of access to the system to view and enter data at every machine.

The most cost-effective option on the market
Our goal is to provide a simple, accessible, affordable solution that will allow your company to join Industry 4.0 as easily as possible while delivering unmatched return on investment (ROI).

Break-even quickly thanks to
steady savings from:

  • Identifying slow-running machines and adjusting quickly
  • Identifying downtimes sooner
  • Alerting management to quality issues immediately
  • Reducing monthly reporting hours
Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t.
Price structure
CLARIPROD pricing consists of two parts.
For each CLARIPROD Controller there’s an:
  • Upfront hardware cost
  • Ongoing monthly subscription cost
What’s included:
A CLARIPROD Controller
  • Connect your equipment and immediately begin collecting data.
  • Display equipment performance in real-time at the work station
  • Touchscreen allows users to select work orders and enter other information, such as reasons for a quality issue or downtime.
Access to the CLARIPROD Portal
  • View your dashboard, update your product list and work orders, and configure your parameters.
  • An extensive list of pre-configured reports on our custom reporting tool and data-export function allow you to own and view your data the way you want.
Secure cloud-based hosting
  • Your data is safe thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services.
  • Technical support from CLARIPROD’s team of experts means no additional hardware investment or IT personnel to hire.
Smart manufacturing
makes a difference
Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing – fancy terms that describe the installation of sensors to capture real-time information in order to drive savings. In many cases, the systems that provide this kind of data are big and expensive, making them inaccessible to small- and medium-size businesses.
That’s where CLARIPROD comes in. Our system is affordable, simple to set up, and provides all the benefits of Industry 4.0.
See what you’ve been missing – and optimize your business
Take advantage of the analytics to see detailed metrics, historically and in real time, that will help you answer questions such as:
Which machines are running on or off cycle?
How many good parts vs. rejected one have I made on each work order?
What are the leading causes of quality issues?
What production equipment or tools have the most downtime?
What are the leading causes of downtime?
When do I project being done a work order, based on current operating effectiveness?
Overall, how effective am I at operating my equipment?
How do my different machines/shifts/days/
weeks compare across all these metrics?
Real-time knowledge leads to savings
Direct your resources to address costly manufacturing issues such as downtime, off target machine cycles and quality issues the moment they occur.