Frequently asked questions about a production monitoring system

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Yes. Clariprod is optimized for production that is repetitive, involves the same part being produced identically, and has a short cycle time.

For manual assembly, the Clariprod team will work with you to assess the best way to track your process (a button, foot switch, scanner, etc.).

Clariprod is not optimized for long cycle production or the production of unique or specialized parts. While Clariprod could work for you, it might not be your optimal solution.

Yes, absolutely. Clariprod was designed to be a Plug & Play solution and any technical support you need is included in the fees and handled by us; your data is all stored in the cloud, so there is no need for on-site servers; and we can hard-wire the system, so there is no need for WiFi.

No, there are no hidden costs or additional fees. All support, manuals, consultations, etc. are included in the fees. The pricing structure is designed to be scalable and linear, allowing you to calculate your costs easily and add to your Clariprod setup at any time.

The Clariprod Controller requires only a simple electrical pulse, indicating a part was made by the machine you want to monitor. If there is no PLC available, the Clariprod Controller can be connected to a standard electrical relay; if there is no electrical relay, we can add one.

No. Clariprod allows you to track and monitor various aspects of your production in real-time from any Internet-connected device, but it does not allow for remote-control of production.

Clariprod is invested in keeping your data safe. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVH for cloud-based hosting and all communications with other programs (such as an enterprise resource planning, or ERP, platform) are done via our own API. All security and data backups are handled by Clariprod and are included in your fees.

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