The Clariprod portal: real-time data and performance reports

Collect and analyze real-time data

With the Clariprod portal, visualize real-time data of your machines and production through a live dashboard, performance reports, and instant alerts on any device with unlimited users. Plant managers will get actionable insights from machinery and operations, while executives analyze reports of critical KPIs at any time to take data-based decisions.

Transform data insights into actions to reduce machine downtimes, increase throughput and reduce rejects.

Collect and Analyze real-time data

The live dashboard

live dashboard of real-time data

The dynamic dashboard allows you to visualize real-time data of your productivity according to different indicators like your performance, your availability, and your quality score. This allows you to view your real-time overall equipment effectiveness in a glance.

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Real Time data of machines

Real-time data of machine performance

Our dashboard also allows you to:

  • get a global view of your factory;

  • displaying performance of all your machinery.

The dashboard is also giving you, for each machine:

  • real-time data of cadence;

  • output rate;

  • OEE;

  • status (running, idle, planned downtime or unplanned downtime).

In a glance, you can visualize critical production data of the current shift or day to get immediate feedback, allowing operations to maintain or exceed production targets.

Performance reports based on real-time and historical data

The Clariprod portal allows you to generate a multitude of performance reports at any time and in only a few minutes, based on real-time data and historical ones. They are also personalized since you can register your own causes of downtimes and rejects in the settings.

Here are some examples of reports.


Generate reports about your overall production, like your production summary (good parts and work orders) or your part-made trend (comparing all parts made from each machine).


Generate more elaborate reports.


Measure your most frequent downtime causes and analyze the duration of your unplanned downtime events.


Measure and analyze your machine cycle times to make sure they are not running off-cycle, and optimize your output rate.


The Clariprod portal also allows you
to generate reports about your reject causes and the quality trend of your machines, to optimize your waste.

Real-time alerts

Production or plant managers can have a difficult time keeping track of everything happening in the factory.

Real-time alerts notify them as soon as something happens, like a machine slowdown or an unplanned downtime, allowing them to take corrective actions to fix it immediately and save time and money.

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Specific to Clariprod

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No data loss when internet is down

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Counting system for parts and lengths
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Compatible with any ERP system to exchange real-time data