Why settle for something good when you could have the best?

Yes, we are proud to say that Clariprod is the best option on the market for the monitoring of injection molding machines. Today, we’ll explain why.

In any manufacturing industry, the main goal is to produce precisely designed parts with consistent quality and repeatability. This allows industries to mass-produce and increases profits. Depending on the manufacturer’s requirements, there are many different methods to produce parts. One of these methods is injection molding.

Injection Molding

As the name suggests, this technique is a manufacturing process where parts are formed when molten metal or plastic is injected into a mold. This method is widely used in manufacturing units where identical parts need to be replicated on a large scale.

The machine consists of three main parts: an injection unit, clamps, and a mold. The molten material is first fed through the injection unit and then into the mold cavity. The molding material is heated and then, in its molten state, it takes the shape of the mold. The material is then cooled sufficiently for it to retain the shape of the mold. After the part is cooled, ejectors are used to remove it. [1]

Injection molding is used to produce high quantities. Some product examples are: electrical switches, automobile parts, medical devices, and many more. [2] When these machines are producing parts at high volumes, it becomes a necessity to keep count of the produced parts. This is near impossible for humans to keep track of on their own.

So, manufacturers need an affordable, cost-efficient, reliable, and easy solution. This is where Clariprod comes into the picture.

Why Clariprod for Injection Molding?

The answer to this is really very simple and clear. Clariprod is designed to count produced parts by simply collecting the electrical signal from your machine. It uses a simple dry contact such as a relay or switch. It can also be connected via Ethernet with the press controller. The injection molding machine, during the molding process, continuously transmits opening or closing signals. These signals are monitored by Clariprod each time they occur. This, in turn, monitors the production cycles and the downtimes and. Clariprod is ideal for injection molding machines, as it is designed for the movement of the machine and the number of parts it can produce in a work order.

In addition, since injection molding and the plastics industry are very competitive in terms of price, Clariprod positions itself as the ideal solution with its low price and set-up costs. It provides a very quick return on investment, allowing you to produce more without greatly increasing your operating costs.

It is the most economical, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-integrate solution on the market. It is a production monitoring system that is designed to cater to the plastics industry. [3]

Advantages of Clariprod

  • Designed specifically for injection molding and extrusion production machines

  • Least expensive production monitoring solution

  • Compatible with any injection molding machines irrespective of their brand or age

  • Only plug and play solution with a less than 15-minutes installation time

  • Comes with three connectivity options : Two-wire connection, Direct Ethernet cable and Magnetic signal sensor

  • Quick ROI

The POD : best way to monitor injection molding machines

One of the latest features added to Clariprod is the easy-to-connect magnetic signal sensor. These magnetic signal sensors are placed where production signals need to be monitored (on both sides of the mold) and then connected with the Clariprod controller. The whole system is connected with the Internet to give real-time data. [3] It only takes 5 minutes to connect to any machine.

It takes monitoring injection molding machines to a new level!

There are many production monitoring systems on the market, but for injection molding, none of them come close to Clariprod. Why settle for good when you can have the best? It is advisable to work smart, not hard, to get the best results. So work smart, choose the best and get the desired result at the most affordable price, but without compromising on quality, efficiency and consistency.

Choose Wise – Choose Best – Choose Clariprod


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By Published On: September 22, 2021